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New York University College of Dentistry

New York University College of Dentistry
345 East 24th Street
New York, NY 10010
Dean: Dr. Charles N Bertolami

About the New York University College of Dentistry

Founded in 1865 as the New York College of Dentistry, with 31 students and 10 faculty members, the College was originally located in rented quarters at the corner of 22nd Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The College officially merged with New York University in 1925, which led to the promotion of research and postdoctoral education. Today NYUCD is recognized as a leading source for dental care in New York City and a leader in research and national policy issues in dentistry.

NYUCD offers training annually to over 1,800 students from all over the U.S. and nearly 50 countries. Approximately 50 percent of NYUCD students are women and minorities. They include predoctoral and postdoctoral students of dentistry, as well as students in dental hygiene and nursing. The College also offers M.S. programs in biology/oral biology, clinical research and biomaterials, and a Ph.D. program in epidemiology in collaboration with Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Yale Universities. An extensive program of continuing education courses is available for graduate dentists.

In addition to educating health professionals, NYUCD endeavors to improve the health of the highly diverse populations in New York City and around the world. NYUCD provides more than 350,000 visits annually to the most multiethnic, multicultural patient population in the nation. The College conducts a mobile dental care program, Smiling Faces, Going Places, which travels to medically-underserved areas throughout New York State to provide critically needed dental services; operates the only dental school-based clinical research center in the U.S. that provides beds for 24-hour patient monitoring; is a national center for consumer information, education, and research into the causes and prevention of oral cancer; sponsors free oral health and oral cancer screenings for thousands of New Yorkers annually; conducts additional, media-driven consumer education campaigns under the banner of "Ask Your Dentist"; and offers access to a global network of dental colleges, which greatly expands student and faculty opportunities for international study and service. In addition, NYUCD is part of the NYU Catastrophe Preparedness and Response Center and has become the unquestioned leader among dental schools in catalyzing a national initiative to enable dentists to play a critical role within a coordinated, collaborative response to deal with the threat of terrorism, including bioterrorism and other catastrophes. As a result of these programs, NYUCD is well on its way to becoming the dental institution in the world with the greatest impact on the health of society.

Continuing Education

Now, more than ever, knowledge is power. The participants in NYUCD's Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program are successful before they arrive, but they know that NYUCD's Linhart Continuing Dental Education Program will give them the tools to go farther and perform even better. It's about leadership, making things happen, and putting your stamp on the future of dentistry.

We offer a wide range of programs for U.S. and international dentists including: Clinical Participation, Lecture, Laboratory Participation and Surgical/Clinical Observation

Upcoming Course Schedule

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