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The Sclar Center

The Sclar Center
7600 Red Road, Suite 101
Miami, Florida 33143
Educational Telephone: 305.913.2467
Fax: 305.913.2469

Private Practice Telephone: 305.661.5297
Private Practice web site: www.sclaroralsurgery.com

Dake Schwarte
Director of Operations



The Sclar Center’s mission is to empower its students by providing a comprehensive curriculum that is individualized for their professional goals, level of training and clinical experience in implant dentistry.

Dr. Anthony G. Sclar’s curriculum is uniquely individualized, comprehensive and systematic. With Dr. Sclar at your side, you will gain the didactic knowledge and master the psychomotor skills to immediately work at home with real confidence and predictable results.

Our courses provide participants with:

  • Current scientific information
  • Practical clinical instruction
  • Live procedure observation
  • Hands-on training
  • Case treatment planning workshops
  • Six months of post-course access to our topic-specific video library
  • Motivation to develop the successful implant dentistry practice of your dreams


Course Overview:

Anthony G. Sclar, one of the most experienced private practice implant surgeons and foremost educators in the world, designed the Sclar Center to empower clincians and their staff by providing a comprehensive implant dentistry curriculum. Each course takes place in our state-of-the-art learning center, housed in the core of Dr. Sclar’s bustling dental implant practice. This unique setting, combined with innovative teaching methodologies and our passion for teaching, ensure an unparalleled learning experience.

Our team is dedicated to providing you and your staff members with all the knowledge, help and advice required to empower you to provide exceptional care for your patients.

Our courses include evidence based didactic presentations, enhanced by video footage, and ample time for group discussions during the observation of live surgery and prosthetic procedures. Our faculty use pioneering audiovisual technology to immediately review and annotate the video footage, underscoring the critical points, and thereby providing participants with a profound understanding of procedural nuances. Next, under personalized instruction, participants perform the learned procedures on cadaveric specimens or simulated anatomic models in our high-tech simulation lab.

Staying true to our mission, to empower clinicians to implement the learned concepts and techniques in their everyday clinical practice, practical training for surgical assistants is included, and participants are granted post-course access to an extensive topic-specific video library.

In order to ensure that participants possess the prerequisite knowledge to maximize their experience, they receive recommendations for pre-course study.

We invite you to visit our website, complete the Curriculum Placement Questionnaire and follow an individualized curriculum path, designed for you on the basis of your professional educational goals, level of training, and clinical experience in implant dentistry.




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