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Sclar Center

Dake Schwarte
7600 Red Road
Ste 101
Miami  Florida  33143
United States
Year Established: 
Online Programs Offered: 
Onsite Programs Offered: 

Sclar Center 4-day limited attendance immersion courses are designed for 16 clinicians who desire to achieve mastery of: The clinical and scientific knowledge, diagnosis, treatment planning, patient consultation/case presentation methods and surgical skills required to successfully implement specific advanced implant dentistry procedures in their clinical practice. These course features; interdisciplinary scientific and clinical presentations bolstered by extensive edited procedure videos, case treatment planning sessions to help you select the best treatment approach in individual cases, intensive hands-on training to improve your surgical skills in our state-of-the-art simulation lab with one-to-one mentoring by Dr. Sclar and his team and interactive live procedure observations captured by quad robotic HD video cameras and broadcast to our ultra-comfortable multimedia classroom where participants enjoy procedural details from multiple viewing angles emulating the operating surgeon's point of view.