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University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine

University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine
Medical Sciences Campus
Main Building-Office #A103B, 1st Floor
San Juan, PR 00936-5067
Dean: Dr. Noel J. Aymat

About the University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico has, as its main mission, to train the dentists who will become an integral part of the multidisciplinary team of health professionals that will satisfy the needs of the people of Puerto Rico. It assumes the leadership regarding teaching and research on the prevailing conditions of oral health of the community.

The School of Dental Medicine, in the fulfillment of its mission, is committed with three complementary activities: teaching, research and service. Its teaching role is directed towards the development of a Doctoral program in Dental Medicine which will form a competent graduate in the practice of General Dentistry with critical thinking skills and bioethical sensibility to respond to the needs of his/her patients. This role is complemented by Postdoctoral Education Programs and a solid Continuing Education Program directed to dentists of Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Basin and Ibero-America.

As part of its mission, the School of Dentistry fosters the search of scientific knowledge and the improvement of the practice of the profession through research in dental sciences. Services are aimed at fostering the well-being of the patient and the community, and at strengthening academic programs, in addition to supporting the Institutions research efforts. These services are offered at the primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, both intramurally and extramurally with particular attention to prevention and education.The development of the mission of the School of Dental Medicine is framed within an academic environment which promotes a high degree of respect towards human values and the attainment of social, ethical and economical progress of the human being of the present and of the future.

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Program of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Dental Medicine, has as its mission to maintain and upgrade the knowledge, skills and values of the oral health professionals, promoting the value of lifelong learning, self assessment and critical thinking as an integral part of professional behavior. The program, responding to the oral health care needs of our population and the needs of the oral health professionals strives to be in the forefront of the provision of continuing education services using the latest instructional methodologies and technology. The Continuing Education Program contributes to complement the Dental School Mission of teaching, research, and service.

The goals of the Program are:

  • Maintain to the highest degree the proficiency of the practicing dentist and their auxiliary personnel.
  • Maintain to the highest degree the knowledge and teaching skills of our faculty members.
  • Serve as a link between Latin America and the United States to promote knowledge transfer among the oral health professionals in these countries.

The Continuing Education Program of the UPR School of Dental Medicine* is accredited by the American Dental Association

Upcoming Course Schedule

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